Residential Air Duct Cleaning


Our experts can provide you with the most comprehensive residential air duct cleaning Pueblo CO. They are trained to identify and remove all debris from inside your air ducts in one visit. The first step is to dispatch a technician with the proper equipment.

Our technicians receive excellent training to ensure they know how to use the most effective equipment on the market when completing duct cleaning Pueblo CO. Each of our technicians will arrive on time, ready to get the job done. At the beginning of the appointment, the expert will conduct a walk through with you to answer all questions.

The next step is to ensure the area is appropriately protected. Our expert technician will place a variety of drop cloths to protect furnishings. These drop cloths are placed before cleaning and will be carefully removed when the job is finished. Once the materials are in place, our professional will begin to carefully remove the vent registers to access the ductwork for cleaning.

The service provider will also remove the furnace fan blower and visually inspect all major components when conducting air duct cleaning Pueblo West. After this visual inspection, the technician will thoroughly clean the fan blower and air vent registers outside. These items, once cleaned, will be placed in a safe area to dry.

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Your heating and cooling system are equipped with various supply and return ventilation lines. These lines carry the air from and to your furnace or air conditioner. Our technicians will use a power-driven rotary brush and a powerful vacuum to ensure each separate line gets a systematic cleaning.

The brush is used to scrape the four interior walls of the ductwork. It is strong enough to remove any attached debris but soft enough to ensure the ductwork is not damaged. The vacuum immediately removes the debris loosened by the brush.

Once our expert believes the ductwork is cleaned, he or she will perform a visual inspection of each ventilation line to guarantee that all of the dust, grime, and foreign debris is gone. The next step in the process is to clean the trunk lines.

Your heating or cooling system’s trunk lines contain over 75% of all of the debris within the system. As with the ductwork’s ventilation lines, the trunk lines will be scraped and vacuumed to remove this dirt and grime.

Before cleaning these trunk lines, the technician will make accesses within the supply and return lines. Once these lines are cleaned, we can provide pictures to allow you to see the benefits of investing in duct cleaning in Pueblo CO. Once the cleaning is finished, our professional will cycle your furnace or air conditioner to confirm proper airflow is happening.

Our most comprehensive air duct cleaning packages allow you to rest assure you are getting the best air quality. Be sure to call us to find out more information about our residential air duct cleaning services as well as our dryer vent cleaning Pueblo CO services.